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Teens & Yoga Therapy

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Pre-teens & Teens

Teens learn more about their bodies, how the muscles and joints allow bones to move, how yoga & meditation affect the digestive, immune and neurological functions; how yoga can help them study for exams and cope with the stress & pressures of daily life.

Yoga Therapy for Special Needs Children.

This is a step by step, therapeutic and integrated system of gentle yoga poses, eye exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. The primary intention is to help each child reach their full potential.

My son Ethan was almost 5 years old when he was diagnosed as having Aspergers Syndrome, Dyspraxia and hyper mobile joints.

I recall researching as much as I could about the symptoms, possible causes and potential cures for the above diagnosis. As parents wanting to do the very best we could for our gorgeous son it was a difficult time. I knew from my readings that early intervention was key for children on the autistic spectrum. And that whilst there was no “cure” as such there was much we could do to help Ethan cope with the many challenges he would face both at home and at school.

Yoga seemed an obvious choice – physically it would target areas where Ethan was weak, help strengthen joints, muscles and ligaments – correcting posture whilst focusing on improving his motor skills. Mentally it would help him understand the connection between his body and emotions teaching him important breathing techniques and concentration skills that he could then apply in his day to day activities.

Sue was recommended to us as she had experience of working with children with special needs and helping parents meet any physical challenges. Ethan was comfortable with Sue from the very beginning, her gentle and patient approach helped him feel safe and secure. Sue was able to connect with Ethan building a rapport and together they now have an excellent relationship.

As parents we are very grateful for the role that Sue (and yoga) play in our son’s life. We know that the skills he is learning are life skills that will help him meet his full potential. Already in 3 years we can see massive improvements in Ethan’s mental health – he is less prone to angry outbursts and with Sue’s guidance has learnt some amazing coping techniques to calm himself down. Physically he is a stronger and more confident child happy to take part in peer related exercises and activities. He even learnt how to ride a bike by the age of 6 which is pretty remarkable for a child on the autistic spectrum.

I truly believe that yoga has played an instrumental part is assisting Ethan these past few years and I know he will continue to grow in strength and confidence as a result of Sue’s hard work – I am very grateful that she is a part of our journey and would definitely recommend yoga to anyone and everyone.   A.

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