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Numerology Workshop

1 Day workshop with Debbie Pike 

Sunday April 28th 21013 

10am – 5pm  £45 for the day.

Join Debbie for a fun and revealing day learning about the basics of numerology.  Discover how your own personal birth number can point you in the direction of your destiny helping you to overcome challenges and realise your potential.  Understanding the meanings behind the numbers can help you to appreciate where others are coming from and what makes them tick.

During this one day course we will be looking at the influences that numbers have in your life on a daily, monthly and yearly level both personally and globally. We will be looking at the themes we follow through different stages in online casino our lives.  This allows us the ability to understand and learn from the past, connect with our present and project into the future helping us to get the best out of our lives.

  •  The meanings behind each of the numbers
  •  The life path number and its purpose; challenges and potential
  •  Master numbers and their special energy
  •  Relationship energy – the challenges brought about by combining  two numbers helping us to understand the relationship dynamics between any two people
  •  The 9 year cycle – numerology works on a 9 year cycle – we will look at the energy and trends of each year in the cycle and how it affects you on a personal level and learn how to get the best out of each year
  • Personal months, weeks and days –  looking at how we can get the best out of these periods numerologically by working with the energy personal to you
  • Universal days, dates and years – helping us to understand how external influences can affect us numerologically
  • Pinnacles – stages in our life where we learn particular lessons which define the energy of that particular period, helping us to understand our past, present and future trends
  •  Phone numbers and house/flat numbers and how these can affect us
  •  Links to other systems such as tarot and astrology. By the end of the day you will be armed with useful information that can be easily applied to your everyday life.